Ruth: A Story of Redemption

Daily dives into God's Word are important as we develop  intimacy and relationship with Our Creator. Each of the following devotionals can be found on the YouVersion Bible App. We encourage you to invite friends to read through the devotionals together you can do this informally or through the YouVersion Bible App. Some weeks have more than one option. Choose either one.

  • 26 Day Reading Plan

    by: Love God Greatly

    If you’ve ever experienced loss, loneliness, or seasons of great change or difficulty, then you can immediately identify with the events and people in the book of Ruth. While Ruth begins as a story of heartache, it doesn’t stop there. Mourning turns to dancing as themes of loyalty, kindness, boldness, acceptance, love, and redemption are uncovered. But ultimately, Ruth is a book about the providence of God. We should never underestimate the seemingly small events in our lives. Whether it is caring for family, getting married, working, showing kindness to our neighbors, or raising children… all of it is being used by God for the good of those who love Him, for His glory, and for the salvation of others. The book of Ruth reminds us that no event or person is insignificant in the plan of God. Join us for a 4 week study in the book of Ruth. Corresponding blog posts are available online at

  • by: David Ramos (Faithspring)

    7 Day Reading Plan

    Ruth had been through some of the worst things life could throw at her, yet she dared to

    believe God had more in store for her. This plan was written to help you understand what it

    takes to live boldly for God. If you’ve ever felt as though your back was against the wall and you

    needed God to show up in a big way, this is for you.

  • RUTH

    by: Time of Grace

    4 Day Reading Plan

    This reading plan walks you through the amazing story of Ruth—her willingness to leave her

    home and family and her faith in the true God. See how God’s mercy was evident in the lives of

    Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi.

  • RUTH

    by: Fraser Newman

    28 Day Reading Plan

    The story of Ruth stands as a story of redemption. Coming from tragedy and as a foreign

    woman, Ruth is the last person we might expect to see the goodness of God. She becomes a

    key figure in the story of the Bible and the great-grandmother of King David himself!