Midweek At North Ridge

Each Wednesday night at 6:00 North Ridge invites all families to eat together, fellowship together, worship together, pray together, and apply God's Word together.  We believe that the church is the work of God's people, empowered by the love of Christ, and creating a dwelling for the Holy Spirit.  Midweek is designed to bring individual families together with their larger church family to equip them to take Biblical truth back home and apply it in their everyday lives.  Generally Midweek is split into three parts:

1. Sharing a potluck meal together

2. Worship and prayer

3. Discussion and Application

All families are invited and encouraged to attend this night.  We ask that families who are able bring a meal to share. We ask that families who are unable to bring food come anyway. We recognize that sometimes schedules are busy. Join us at any time during the night. We will save some food for you and your family.

What to bring to midweek

North Ridge wants this night to be as convenient as possible for your family.  We want to make sure that families can come even if they are running late or unable to bring food.

If you are able to bring food we are so thankful for your willingness to share!  Please bring enough for twice the size of your family.  We encourage you to bring food that your family likes to eat.  The meal will be served potluck style so if your meal would need a spoon, spatula, or some other serving ware, please bring that.

What you don't need to bring is plates, napkins, drinks, cups, or silverware.  We will have a free will donation bucket that we will set out each week.  Whatever money is received will be used to keep cups, plates, napkins, drinks, and silverware in stock so that you never have to worry about bringing them.

Midweek Calendar - Temporarily postponed at this time.

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...