Urban Treasure Hunt

July 15th: 4pm - 6pm

Team up and face off as we head into Davenport and Bettendorf to confront challenges and search for treasure.

Each team will have a list of 10 clues to find treasure around the Iowa side of the Quad Cities.  Each treasure is worth 200 gold doubloons*.  Each Challenge is worth 500 gold doubloons.  Each person dressed as a pirate earns 100 gold doubloons for the team.  Can your team earn the most gold doubloons and return as conquerors of the Quad Cities?

Make sure to sign up below by July 13th at midnight.  Also, make sure to bring friends if you can.  Send this page to them and have them sign up too OR sign up for them! (just make sure they're here).

Make sure you arrive before 4pm so we can get going right at 4.  The more time we have actually looking for treasure, the more treasure you will find.

We will end at Taco Bell on Elmore Avenue promptly at 6pm where we will eat together, tally up treasure, and award the winners with their fabulous prizes.

Things your team will need:

  • A cell phone that can record video and take pictures.  
  • The ability to send a text message with video and pictures attached.
  • Money to buy some T-bell with a couple extra bucks in case a clue can most easily be accomplished with a small purchase.
  • GPS wouldn't hurt.

*Gold Doubloons are not real gold.  They are a point system.  Get the most and win fabulous prizes instead!